I am unable to tell you all the months in order. I can get to August and then… September? Whenever they got to the back half of the calendar in elementary school, I was absent that week.

Several months ago we had HBO. We started watching Watchmen. Seemed cool. But then we lost HBO and no more Watchmen.

I don’t know from Watchmen, but as I understand it’s about superhero vigilantes in an alternate American timeline. So when it opens with the massacre of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, I just figured that was part of its own narrative… because I had never heard of Black Wall Street in Tulsa. Ever.

But it seemed oddly specific. So I googled it. Many of the articles, including this one from The Atlantic, had an association with Watchmen — which meant they were either capitalizing on the coattails of a hit show, or it was just branded content. My blue pill brain leaned toward the latter.

Black Wall Street? Tulsa? Massacre?

Recently, like yesterday, I learned there are a number of current United States military bases named after confederate soldiers. And that there are statues of confederate soldiers in the State Capitol.

The military complex is not my jam and maybe the confederate statues are in the historical traitor wing — I don’t know. I’m not bragging about my ignorance, but I am saying there is always a lot to learn and uncover, and to do and make better. Like anything, it’s probably best to start with ice cream. Here’s something about eradicating white supremacy and reparations.

Anyhoo, after August it goes October, November, and December.

Note: This Dave Chappelle video is more of a performance piece than comedy set, but it’s good. Powerful. And here’s some contextual info about it…

#BlackLivesMatter 🖤🇺🇸




Have a nice day unless you have other plans.

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Stephen H Stein

Stephen H Stein

Have a nice day unless you have other plans.

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